Thank you for joining us on the Botany.io journey! If you haven't read it already, the "intro to botany" overview is a good place to start getting to know our solution. Below are quick write-ups and a few video recordings on how to get started with Botany if you hit a snag.

Step 0: What is Botany? Why Botany?

Please see our Welcome to Botany.io or Botany Product Philosophy pages for more information here.

Step 1. Creating your Botany account

Step 2: Botany Web UI Overview

Botany is primarily an "in workflow" toolset. By that, we mean that its experience lives heavily within communication tools like Slack/Teams and across engineering workflows like Code Reviews, Stand-ups, 1:1's, etc. We have a primary web dashboard for the consumption of growth metrics, team skill/habit selection, and setting other related preferences.

More in-depth information here:

TeamOps Growth Page - Developer

TeamOps Growth Page - Team

Step 3: Ongoing Botany Usage (Slack, etc.)