Understand strengths and automate improvement

With Botany, your engineering team develops a personal growth path where they have the freedom to master the areas that interest them. Simply put, it provides developers with the feedback and advice they need to build better habits, improve their skills, and become more valuable contributors.

Botany acts as a personal coach, like a fitness tracker, for software engineers and managers. It helps teams get better by using empirical data and peer feedback to drive tailored professional growth. Imagine getting a fitness tracker for your engineering team. How would that look? It would fit comfortably and be invisible until you needed it. It'd identify growth opportunities. It would track ways that you worked on improving (team participation, mentorship, deep learning) instead of just building features. You'd be able to custom tailor your growth plan to focus on your interests and strengths with the help of data-driven insights.

Capability Overview

Located at:

From the Web UI dashboard, developers are able to see individual & team progress towards growth goals, administer their motivations/habit selections, view the integrated activity log, and define their profile and team relationships.

Growth Cards

The growth cards function as a visualization of progress and points earned for a growth area/responsibility for a time period.

Users should be able to see their progress at a glance, and have an understanding of their progress and health (how well they are tracking towards growth targets).

Problems Addressed