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Team Activity Graph

The Botany "Team Activity" visualization is a representation of the team activities in the period of time selected. You can filter in/out the visualizations based upon the "Responsibility" area in questions.

Future iterations of this visualization will include the corresponding "Dimensions" (Responsiveness, Thoroughness, etc) as related to these Responsibilities.


Relationship Graph

The relationship graph shows the strength of the relationship between each pair of teammates on your team.

Relationship strength for any given pair of teammates is determined by the number of activities that happen involving both members of the pair, and it can vary by direction. Directions indicate the actor and the recipient or subject user for an activity. Andy reviews Maya's PR (Andy → Maya) vs. Maya gives feedback for Andy's review (Maya → Andy).

For example, in the video below, you can see the strength of the relationship between Andy C and Maya S has a different strength in the → direction than in the ← direction. This is indicated visually by the burgundy half (Andy C → Maya S) having a different thickness than the purple half (Maya S → Andy C).


Relationship Activity

The following types of activity are currently tracked for calculating the relationship strengths (and we will continuously add more coverage here in the near future. Let us know what you want to see here!).

Detailed Information For Each Engineering Workflow & Growth Area

Please see the detailed area for more detailed information on points collected from source systems and peer endorsements.