Botany is a software platform for engineering teams that want to increase team potential and happiness by building professional skills & habits, unblocking team workflows, and improving dev culture through real-time, contextual feedback.

botany.io is a smart virtual coach (like a “FitBit” but for engineering teams). We are built for software engineers and engineering managers who value professional growth, want to improve their skills, and care about helping their teams work better together.

Botany pulls from systems like GitHub/GitLab, lives primarily within Slack, and aligns within existing workflows. We grow engagement and effectiveness across the team in various engineering workflows. Mostly within the "Code Review" & "Code Writing" processes to start. (Future integration will include sources like Jira/Asana, Calendar, etc.)

Botany fosters growth by helping teams build and adopt better habits.

Botany helps to improve teams by weaving tiny individual nudges together over time to create large and permanent behavior changes and improvements. You shouldn't need to reinvent all team processes before seeing progress. Instead, we drive incremental and continuous improvement with zero friction. Much like compound interest drives major and lasting growth over time, small changes help individuals create better habits and yield measurable improvements.

Little nudges → tiny actions → incremental improvements (and peer feedback) → significant behavior changes → permanent habits

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For both Engineering Managers and Teams, Botany's goals are aligned to:

  1. Unblock engineering workflows and grow team-skills at the same time.
  2. Increased team collaboration and communications around engineering workflows (like code reviews).