Remove barriers to better and faster code reviews

Botany integrates with your source code repository and becomes a powerful tool for improving code change requests, reviews, and approval processes.

With Botany, you as a developer will know:

Botany removes bottlenecks and helps you focus on what counts: shipping quality code faster. Botany provides smart reminders and nudges so you don't slip back into bad habits. Botany can also help automate away tedious tasks that can sometimes get ignored or forgotten. Botany improves visibility: status is always available, and you know what needs your attention.

Help reduce lag, improve code review quality, and get more reviews done more quickly.

Capability Overview:

"Code Reviewing' is a core workflow for an effective software engineering team. The motivation for this area is for a developer (at any level, even managers) to get better at the core behaviors of code reviews. Things like: providing feedback, being responsive, detailed in your analysis, etc.

Botany groups any of these activities related to this workflow up into the team values ("dimensions") of

As part of a Botany deployment, developers on the person's team are notified of the opportunity to get involved and contribute within the code reviewing process. (Nudges)

Additionally, the team members are given opportunities for feedback/praise for the developers progress in skill development here. See below for more information. (Feedback Tagging)

Integrations Supported